Thursday, October 30, 2008

A bee and a butterfly...

Today we did a little mini shoot for Halloween. These girlies were too cute and everyone that passed by us loved the costumes. In the last picture you will see my daughter, but the rest are of two cousins. They are so darling!

This just made me laugh. Her hair and bows are too cute!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

one girl and one photographer!

Okay this girl has to be one of the funnest, cutest kids on the planet. We headed out with 4 different outfits, 3 locations and time to spend together. Anyone who knows me knows that I am just crazy about this girl (and to anyone who is new here, no she's not my child :) My kids adore her and so do I! Thanks Shawna and Jared for letting me play with her!

Future photographer? She took some pictures of me jumping in the sunset too :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

old friends

Last weekend I got to photograph such a great family. Mary and I went to high school together and it's so fun to see our families now. These shoots are especially fun for me to get a chance to catch up and visit with old friends.Parents will do anything to make their kids smile :) The fall leaves were fun to throw around.

I swear I could photograph Mary all day long!

being a mom...

Let me set the picture for you...

I so badly needed a work night. Just me, my laptop and a few external hardrives :) When this happens Doug has to cook dinner, clean and take care of our kids. Personally, I like to watch him be mom for a night. He cooked a yummy dinner, gave the kids a bath and then put them to bed. Right as this happens I yell "did you brush their teeth?" Daddy quickly sighs and then gets up to grab the toothbrushes, then puts the kids back to bed. Once they are in bed here's our conversation

me: So hun, how do you like being mommy? (wanting him to say "no way hun, your job is too hard")
Doug: it's fine
me: (thinking in my head, not saying it out loud) it's fine...what are you talking about? My job is hard!
Doug: I just hope I don't start my period
me: (just thinking again) yes! that would be justice!!!

But really...he is great at helping me out :) I just love him!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back in the swing of things!

This has been the first week I have felt almost normal since our son's surgery, then my flu. It feels nice to be out and about, going to stores, taking Ry to school and doing sessions again. This weekend was the perfect way to get back in to the swing of things. We had a great session with a wonderful family with some of the kindest boys we have ever met. Here's a few...okay maybe more than a few :)