Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anytime with Kiri

I think every girl...or guy should do this! I am talking about anytime photos. These are not for anything special. It's just to go out and get dressed up and be a model for a few hours. I have to say that these photos are so much fun to do! I think Kiri looks great!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Love

What a sweet little baby! She will be protected by two big brothers. What more can a girl ask for? It was so cute, while we were taking her pictures her brothers kept sneaking in the room. You could tell they really love her.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A big week with big news!

Well this week has been full of good news for us.

First, we got an email from Azusa Pacific University saying that Doug has been excepted as a teacher! This is such a huge accomplishment for Doug. He worked so hard through school graduating with a 4.0 for his masters (I get to brag because he's my hubby) all while working full time and being a great husband and father.

Second, we just got a phone call from Miller's lab saying that we won 1st place in the black and white category of their contest. There was over 10,000 entries so what a huge compliment to win 1st place! It's kind of funny because there is a cash prize, but it has to go to the family of the children in the picture. So how happy do you think I was that the kids in the photo are ours!?

I am just so thankful for all of this. I don't know if you ever have those times, but I can just see the hand of God working in our lives. For those of you who don't know us and our story. We went through so many hard years while Doug was in school full time and working full time. We barely ever saw him and I asked all the time "is this worth it?" Now I can see all of our sacrifices and hard work paying off. It's a good feeling :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A day with Denise

I had so much fun 2nd shooting for my friend Denise Bovee It's always great to go out with another photographer and help out. One of the really interesting things we did was use a video light to get some cool shots of the bridal party. Check out Denise's blog to see the shots. Denise really did a great job at this wedding and like always she is a lot of fun to spend time with :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

my own baby

Sometimes I feel like I don't photograph them enough. My plan was to take some pictures of my kiddos together but Kim fell down and scratched up her hands and knees right before I started shooting. So needless to say I didn't get pictures of her, but Ryan was willing to play a bit.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

As many of you know this siblings thing is very strange to me (and Doug) you see we have both grown up only children and now that my Mom is remarried we got 1 step brother, 1 sister in law and 1 step sister. Today was my step sister Janelle's birthday. We went over to my mom and step dad's house for a BBQ and some swimming fun. I was glad I has my camera with me because Janelle was totally cute and I couldn't help but to snap a few pictures of her. So, happy b-day sis!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

a little update

Remember this little cuttie from a few weeks ago? Well her parents sent off her headshots to some agents and right away they got responses back, from some of the most well known agents. How exciting! So very soon she will be meeting with the them!

Although this is not a picture we sent to agents, I think her cute squishy smile is just perfect.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

They make me laugh!

7:30 am still sleeping -
Ry "momma, momma"
me "what buddy?"
Ry "when I turn 16 can I have my own car?"
me "what?"
Ry "when I turn 16 will I get my own car with keys and then I can drive?"
me "ummm...if you save up a lot of money...maybe"
Ry "I already have a lot of my piggy bank...can I drive where ever I want?"
me "NO!!!!"
Kids are too funny! How does that pop in his head first thing when he wakes up?

Monday, July 7, 2008

How was your 4th?

Our 4th of July was so much fun! We did the normal BBQ, swimming and fireworks show. It was so fun to watch the kids in the pool. They are getting too brave this year. Ry was swimming without a lifejacket and Kim with floaties...crazy! Here's a few pictures.

No life jacket!!! Ahhhh!

I have this little obsession with my daughter's hair. You can't tell by this pictures how cute it is...but let me tell you it was so cute that tons of people asked how I did it :)

I have always been an only child (Doug too) and when my Mom got married to Steve I got 2 sisters and 1 brother. I have to say we do have fun together

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Doing a happy dance!

We got an email from Miller's lab last night saying that we are part of the round 4 winners for their child/baby photo contest! Now we go on to the final competition. We are so excited! We'll keep you all posted on the results when we hear. For now we are happy to be one of the finalist!

you can see our photo and the other winners here

BTW - my friend Marta Locklear is also one of the finalist of round 3. Her photo is named "curl" It is beautiful! Marta's blog -

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aki and Christie

Okay I know that I have said this we have the most gorgeous clients ?! Aki and Christie were so much fun to photograph. We can't wait to shoot their wedding in August. Thank you Angela for sending them our way :)