Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got your back...

Well, our son will be starting school soon and although the thought of this makes me a bit scared, he'll be going to school with this young lady. From the looks of it...I think she'll be watching out for him :)

There will be a lot of blogging going on very soon. We did a wedding at the Mission Inn last weekend and two family photoshoots are going to be done this weekend. So check back soon :) I am sure there will be a new blog about the first day of school and about all the crying I will do. I would like to say that I can hold it all together, but get real! I'll be a sobbing mess!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Christmas in August?

Yes, that time of year is here when all photographers prepare for the holiday rush! We are no different! August is totally booked and all of you who have told us "you have to take our family pictures for Christmas" now is the time to book! Our last holiday session will be November 15th. Last year completely booked up, so get your date soon :)
We have some great ideas for Christmas gifts for the grandparents/family that have everything. This year our Christmas cards are unbelievably beautiful! Pictures are soon to come of everything!

You can email us at or call us 626-914-3467 to schedule.

ETA: we have two more sessions available in September, October is still open and 1 session left in November :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Day!

Well today is my birthday! I have to admit I do not like making a big deal about my birthday. I like to keep it simple. So I started the day shopping with my mom in law then we took the kids to Victoria Gardens for lunch and a smidgen more shopping. The kids played in the fountains and we even got a head start on Christmas shopping.

No, Kim was not thrilled about taking this photo :(How about wisdom on the sidewalk? We were walking around and noticed this. Doug wanted to write it down for his therapy practice, but I has a better idea. I photographed it. What's funny is this is so true of my life right now. It looks like we are making a big changes in our lives. Ryan is starting private school soon and although I am excited about him going to school, I will miss having him by my side all day long.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Team Angel

This story is one that amazes me and melts my heart. It's the story of a parents love for a child (one that was not born to them) and a story of the way God provides for all of our needs. Angel is the little boys name and his mom Sarah is a So Cal photographer. I have been chatting with Sarah for months now and following their story closely after Angel's surgery. Sarah will be having a baby girl this week! Check out their story!

read the story of Angel's life first...

the blog

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Erik and Melissa

Another beautiful day in Southern California! I really think we got lucky because July could easily be 110 degrees, but it was not that hot. The weather was great. Melissa and Eric are such nice people and their wedding was great. We really enjoyed spending the day with them.
They decided to see eachother before the wedding. This one is in their hotel room right in front of the window.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where's the instruction manual?

I first have to say that I LOVE these kids! I get so giddy every time I get a good picture of them to edit and this first one will be a new addition to our house.

There is so much going on in our lives right now. This week has been VBS at church and I volunteered myself to take a few pictures, then make a slide show. I am in the midst of editing a past wedding, getting ready for the Christmas season and trying to make one of my hardest decisions I will make for this coming school year. The big question I home school again or put my boy in 1st grade at the public school? Yuck! I hate making these decisions and wish my kids came home from the hospital with instruction manuals. I feel so "all over the place" about this. I am constantly so amazed about what strong feelings people have and both sides of this issue. I feel that tugging and pulling all over the place. I pray that I make the right choice for our family and our kids.

Okay enough of my ramblings...back to photography. Check back soon to see a new wedding post, Christmas information and maybe even some new sample albums :)