Sunday, November 18, 2007

Joy, Jeff and their cutie!

I had so much fun at this photoshoot for many reasons...#1 Joy has been one of my best friend's since highschool (she was in 8th grade when I met her) so it's great to know that we've been together through silly teenage fights, marriage and now family life. What a blessing this family is to me. #2 they are so easy to photograph! I even made Joy and Jeff be models for at the end of the shoot!

Here's a few of my models.


Angelica said...

I'm in "awe..." these images are stunning! Love it, love it, love it!!! My favorite picture is the very first...what a "cutie" she is!

Happy Thanksgiving Cherie...from our home to yours! :)

By Faith Photography said...

it's JOYYYYEEEE! :) hehe, these made me laugh-- Joy's a mom!? WOWOWOW!!! these are taken so beautifully! they look so happy and HELLO! that little girl is such a cutie! :)
K! I love your blog! Teach me how to do it! LOL. . i'm blog illeterate!

Danielle Hobbs said...

Wow!!! These are all so wonderful!! I wish they were of my family! ;) Your use of the location with the light is amazing.