Monday, January 7, 2008

It's that time again...

time to make some new years resolutions! I guess I should announce mine, so here we go...
#1 - I want to gain some weight! Yep you heard it right folks, I said I want to gain weight :) I am not bragging about it. I don't like being so skinny.
#2 - do more children's photography
#3 - find amazing locations to shoot at all around my area that I have been missing
#4 - go on a mini vacation with my family and break away from my laptop for a few days
#5 - get my website up and running
#6 - do some Bible studies
#7 - enjoy 2008

I plan on taking more pictures of my own kids this year. I wish they liked to take pictures. I had to bribe them with candy to take these ones.


Cherish the Moment Photography said...

These are just too cute Cherie...I love them...(candy works!). Lots of love and may all of your goals for 2008 unfold beautifully.

Kim said...

Love your resolutions. Mine are very similiar except I want to loose weight and dabble as a 2nd wedding shooter. :-)

holly said...

Hey Cher! I love the first one -- it reminds me of the two cherubs picture!