Friday, March 28, 2008

Photoshop Goodies

This one is for the photographers...
One of the best things about the photography business is all of the great artists out there. I have a handful of children's photographers that I would be my favorites. On the top of my list is Brenda Acuncius. When I first started photography I had the hardest time making a black and white photo that I loved. Someone told me about her actions for photoshop and I loved them. Brenda recently started a website to sell her actions Take a look and stop by her blog as well she is always great inspiration for me :)

Here's two pictures using her actions. The first is using her B/W2 and the second is her color boost.


Denise Bovee said...

awesome girl! Thanks for sharing your secrets :)

kristel wyman said...

beautiful shots, and i will definitely check out those actions! thanks!