Sunday, June 15, 2008

because Sarah said I wouldn't do it...

My good friend Sarah played a little game on her blog and challenged me to play as well. I was going to fix Sarah's blog up all "cute" and then list it in my blogs I visit. But, we have yet to get together and I wonder if that is because we have 6 kids between the both of us?

Okay here's the game, list 6 quirks about myself...I want to start by saying I have no quirks! The fact that I vacuum our little house 2-3 times a day and clean the bathroom "at least" once is not a's perfectly normal. Which brings me to:

Quirk #1 - I vacuum a lot...okay maybe it's too much. I can't explain why I just feel the need to vacuum a lot?! It's bad enough that my kids now ask if they can vacuum as well.

Quirk #2 - I pace...I pace sometimes... okay, almost all the time that I am on the phone (which could explain my size) I am the kind of person that you want to say "Cherie, sit down!" I hate sitting still. Maybe that's one of the many reasons I like photography. It is fast paced. Or I have ADD?

Quirk #3 - I have to sleep with earplugs in or a fan on. I am the world's lightest sleeper and I am always telling Doug "you are breathing too loud when you sleep"

Quirk#4 - I can become instant friends with almost anyone. My close friends tease me about it. I just love people, that's all!

Quirk#5 - I am semi obsessed with the show survivor. We started watching it the 3rd season and I have never missed an episode since then. Even the week that both of my kids were born. I still tuned in with my new babies. My friends know that most of the time I will not answer the phone during survivor...pretty bad huh?

Quirk#6 - hmmm...for the last one I think it would have to be my over obsession with cleaning. I blame it on my Mom! She is quite the cleaner. You could ask any of my friends that I talk to often and within 2-3 minutes of talking with them on the phone I will complain about the disaster my house is. Holly, Adri, Denise, Rochelle is that true? You ladies know it is :) Is my house really a mess? most of the time it is kind of clean. I do have to admit that I have let go of my clean obsession a bit lately with the goal that I relax and enjoy my kids this summer.

So that's it 6 quirks - now Holly, Denise, Ro, Adri, Angelica want to give it a try on your blogs? Oh and here is Sarah's blog (which I will make cute) Sarah is a crack up! Read some of her blog...anyone with kids will get a kick out of it!


Denise Bovee said...

oh dear! im bad at these!!

holly said...

Ok,... I will do it too! :) Gotta think of some quirky things about myself??? I'm sure you could probably make a list quicker than me! :)

Angelica said...

OH was SO fun to read this!!! I will start making my list soon... :)