Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Today I am grateful for many things....

I am grateful for new life and the birth of one of my best friend's babies (she is sleeping soundly in the NICU and doing well) I am grateful for another friend's big news of new life soon to come. I am grateful for 2 sleeping children that are amazing little blessings. I am grateful for my husband who loves me no matter what. I am grateful for my family who will no doubt spoil the kids even though they said they would take it easy this year on the presents. I am grateful for two friends/clients that gave my little girl two presents I only dreamed of getting her. I am grateful for health and the way God always provides what we need. I am grateful for God's gift of his Son...yes for this I am most grateful! This is what Christmas is all about and not for one moment do I want to forget it. I am grateful!

Ro - I hope that even though you will spend this Christmas in the hospital, that it will be great. I am so glad you finally got your girl. She is beautiful and I can only pray that she will grow to be a women of faith and beauty like you! Thank you for letting me do her first photoshoot :) Okay the real one is soon to come...if you do not beat me to it LOL

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Angelica said...

Your posts (and images) always touch my heart.....Happy 2009!! xo