Monday, December 15, 2008

just breathe!

On Saturday I did my last family session for the holidays. Now I am just wrapping up the last few orders, working on my own Christmas cards (it's about time) and baking cookies and caramel popcorn with the kiddos. With every busy season brings excitement and some sadness. I was very excited because it is truly a blessing to photograph families and capture memories. I am very thankful for the business and for clients and friends that trust my vision for photography. The sadness comes after the shooting is done when I am left alone for hours with my laptop and photoshop. I spent hours at the computer while I read facebook updates of friends going to Christmas parties, baking cookies and having fun Christmas shopping. All the while I was at home in a house that was so messy I don't even want to explain what it looked like! I went through a good two weeks of barely leaving my computer. But now it's time for me to once again see and talk to my family and friends and catch up on the loose ends before Christmas.
These pictures are from my last family session. I want to go back and share a few from each session, but for now I will share a few of these :)

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elena said...

what a sweet little one :) great family shots!