Friday, July 6, 2007

Trash the Dress

This photoshoot was so much fun. I've been wanting to do one of these shoots and my friend Gina was willing to get in her wedding dress and go to some crazy places to take pictures. I've had my eye on a teal house that will soon be torn down to build a costco, so the first place we went to was that house. Then we jumped in the car and raced to Big Dalton and of course I made Gina get in the water. She was a bit cold. It was worth it...right Gina?!
For anyone who does not know about "trash the dress" it's so much fun. This would be the first time you would not be worried about getting dirty in your wedding dress. You get in the dress, go somewhere fun, get a bit dirty and have some great pictures when it's all done!

By the way her dress is not trashed. With a trip to the cleaners it will look brand new.


Havenhill said...

Asesome shots! I love the teal house -- gotta find out where that is!!! :)

Mom said...

I want to do "trash the dress" but Steve said no.

I like the last one where you can see her full reflection in the water.

photography by krista said...

so beautiful, really neat shots. i love that house!!


dchrssy said...

I've got a trash the dress session scheduled for this coming Saturday. I'll post the results on flickr. We found a $10 dress at Goodwill.

I hope my shots are even close to as good as yours. I'm still trying to reach your level of technical and artistic skill.

gwynethcolleenphotography said...

well done, cherie...i love that teal house. good eye. :-d

photography4me said...

absolutely beautiful work!!!! On all of the pictures that I have seen on your blog. I am into photography myself. And could only dream of being as good as you. Love it. Love it. You will be a shortcut on my desk top. I will be viewing this blog often. What beautiful inspiration.