Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been tagged! 8 fun facts!

I've never been tagged on my blog before and one of my photographer friends tagged me from her here you go 8 facts about us!

1) A Cherie fact - I love the movie highschool musical! I've seen the 1st and the 2nd more times than I can tell. It's Ryan's fave right now so it gives me good reason to watch it :)

2) Our son just started kindergarten and we are homeschooling him.

3) Our daughter is in to everything and we have to say at least 20 times a day "don't hit the cat!"

4) Cherie fact - I love to do photoshoots at places that I can be kicked off of. What can I say I live on the wild side LOL

5) Our son's best buddy Ethan cut his hair at our house w/out anyone seeing him doing it. I posted pix so you can see it :) He did it one week before kindergarten.

6) We like to compete at weddings and photoshoots to see who can get the "best" shots.

7) We often dream about where this photography business will be in 1 year from now.

8) We will need to go on vacation after these next couple of months. It's the busy season for us, but we really do enjoy it!

So there you go 8 fun facts. Now we can tag a couple of other photographers...Rochelle, Denise, Donny and Holly, Adri, Angelica and're it!


By Faith Photography said...

grrr... k. I'll do the the tag thing right after i have time to shower-- see u in a week LOL... j/k! hopefully tonight!
Miss u!

Denise Bovee said...

Ya I'm not that interesting but I will think of 8 things : )

Anonymous said...

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