Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kevin and Jenny

What a beautiful day in Beverly Hills. Jenny and Kevin's wedding was gorgeous! Every little detail from the flowers to the candy table (where guest were able to fill up their cute chinese food boxes with candy) looked great. It's so wonderful to be able to capture pictures of what a couple has spent months planning for. We hope you enjoy them!

One of our very favorite things to photograph is details. We notice all kinds of little things like the way a brides hand touches a chair or the grooms arms around his bride. It's not very often durring the wedding day that we stop taking pictures. We are always looking for the little moments that are so special.

Jenny and Kevin wanted to see eachother before the ceremony so they would have more time to see their guests at the reception. We love when couples do this it makes the day so great because they have so much more time to enjoy together.
Jenny and Kevin's flower's were so beautiful! They were done by


holly said...

Wow, you guys! How awesome! My faves are of the ceremony!

Ashley said...

Just beautiful! Wonderful, wonderful captures! You are fantastic.

Jen said...

WOW!! Incredible shots! Beautiful couple, you really captured everything beautifully!

Kimberly Kyle said...

What a precious couple! You did amazing work here!