Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another year...

How is it possible that another year has gone by so fast?! My kids are growing faster than I care to mention and I wish I could just freeze time and enjoy them more while they are small. Everyone with small kids knows how crazy life can be with little ones running around. I have tried my best over the past few months to just stop and take moments in. I want to remember the way the sun bounces off of Ryan's blonde hair and the way that Kimmie crinkles her nose when she giggles. I want to hug and kiss them as much as possible now. Doug pointed out to me that we are almost half way to having a teenager....what?!!! How is that possible?! Well, for tonight they are still small and I love them this way.

Happy Birthday to my babies!

BTW- I should mention that their bdays are 1 day apart...good timing!

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Holly Havenhill said...

Happy Birthday munchkins!