Monday, May 26, 2008

model material

This little girl was unbelievably natural in front of the camera! She's only 3 and I can say she is "so" model material. Of course mommy and daddy agree, so a few of these pictures will be sent off to some agents. I can't wait to hear what happens :)

this look is my fave!

I love a cute "pout" face


holly said...

WOW!!! Great shots!!!

Mellissa said...

I dont remember how I found your blog but your pictures are an inspiration to me. I love photography and would love to take professional photos. Love all your photos. You do great!

Denise Lynk said...

Wow........ She is the most beautiful little girl. You are right. She is modle material. HA HA
HA. Thank you so much Cherrie for doing the pictures for me. I can't wait for you to do Sarah too..
Love your work, You are the best.
Love, Denise

Denise Bovee said...

oopssie! I thought I commented already: / You did great on these. She has the sweetest little face!!!! what a doll!

Kimberly Kyle said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the storyboard!

Debi said...

oh my :)
what a doll - how lucky are you???

Nancy said...

WOW!!! Great photos! I'm sure it makes it easy on you when you have a stunning model like this cutie!

Rochelle said...

k... thought i already commented here! These are adorable! Great job.... i wanna c more!
p.s. nice song :P lol