Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today was good :)

I am not sure why today was so great for me. We went to church in the morning and had some new friends join us. Then we went home had lunch and took the kids to Grandma and Grandpa's for some swimming fun in the 105 degree heat. Doug and I came back home and got some work done then headed back to the Grandparent's house where my mom made a killer BBQ. After that we finished up the night by going to the local Oak Tree Festival. Where our son successfully won two goldfish in the ping-pong toss game and we enjoyed some soft serve ice cream. The goldfish are happily swimming in their fish tank now :) Like I said I am not sure why it was so great but there's something about the anticipation of summer that I love...maybe it's remembering how much fun summer is as a kid. I can't wait to see our kids enjoy this summer.

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