Saturday, September 13, 2008

They keep growing!

It's so amazing to see how much kids change in 1 year. I did this family's pictures 1 year ago and their daughter was just a baby. Now she walks and understands 3 languages! She will be one smart little girl. Now about her parents...I love these people! I have so many stories I could tell about them (mostly the momma) we worked together at Old Navy back in 1997. I feeled so blessed to be able to now capture memories for people that I love. Wu family...I hope you like them!

I need to explain this picture. Her parents said "home alone" and this is what she would do! :) She was so cute!


Holly Havenhill said...

Hey! We were just there today doing a pregnancy shoot! Don't you love the fall leaves!

Jeana Hurst said...

AMAZING guys are soo gifted!