Sunday, September 28, 2008

two adorable boys

Long time no blog....let me catch everyone up on what's been going on around here. First, our son is finally feeling better, although the medication from his surgery (tonsil and adenoid removal) is still making him not feel great. I can easily say I am glad it will be all over soon. It is hard to watch your kids in pain! I am getting back in to the swing of work and we be returning a lot of emails and phone calls :)
Now onto the photos! This session was too cute. I encourage everyone who is booking a session with us to take some time and read the "investment" section of our website. It has all kinds of helpful hints to make a session go great. One of the things I write about is clothing. Clothing, location, and light set the stage for a great photoshoot. For this shoot the mom of these cuties took my advice and went to check out the clothing websites of Gap, Old Navy, and Gymboree. There she found clothing inspiration and these outfits that the boys are wearing. I love the details of their outfits. Everything was perfect from their hats to their shoes...not to say that I do not like simple outfits. In fact I photographed these boys back in February in plains jeans with no shirts in a huge field of grass, which I love just the same! If you follow my blog you know I am obsessed with fields.
I really loved everything about this shoot. The boys made me run around a bit after them, but it was totally worth it! Seeing their photos make me wonder what it would have been like to grow up with a brother or sister. They have so much fun together.

It looks like fall is here. What kid does not love throwing leaves?


Holly Havenhill said...

Way too cute!

Kimberly Kyle said...

Awesome clothing choices mom!! Gorgeous guys! Love the playing in the leaves pics.

Danielle Hobbs said...

Oh My Word...... I'm dying from the cuteness!!!! Seriously - You always blow me away!

Kristen Morgan said...

this session was amazing. sheer perfectoin!